Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Auaesuve - Displaced And Uncharted

Displaced And Uncharted (2010)
Genre: Funeral Doom Metal
Lyrical Theme: Dreams and visions, abstract theories, isolation

Track List:
01 - Sprouting Resplendent Wings - 11:24
02 - The Ruins of Dissolution - 11:54
03 - The Benighted Era of the New Age - 19:51
04 - Displaced and Uncharted - 17:50

note: i have to say sorry again for my pale presence here. but i have some good reasons that im not around that much and this fuckin postponin stuffs will be finished at the end of next week, and after that im goin to upload blog, faster and with more quality. there are lots of great bands out there guys! stay in touch, stay doomed \m/


chim said...

this is an amazing album. i haven't been hit this hard in the gut by an album since I can remember. it's perfect.

Doomedsoul said...

hell yeah the album kicks maximum ass \m/