Wednesday, February 24, 2010

De Profvndis Clamati - Demo/Rehearsal

De Profvndis Clamati (Einsamkeit)

Genre: Funeral Doom Metal
Lyrical Theme: Melancholy, Solitude, Loss, Tragic Romanticism

Track List:
Through the Last Sunlights (Prologue-moderato) - 01:35
To Appease the Whirl of Passions - 17:49
Absent Portrait - Evervoid (Epilogue-adagio sostenuto) - 1:54
Love May Sink by Slow Decay - 06:34
Undying Orchestral Suite - 05:57

note: This band formed with name Einsamkeit and released this demo in 2004 but they changed their name into De Profvndis Clamati after they released this demo. thanks to Kleber Fainer from the band for modifyin my introduction. "To Appease the Whirl of Passion" is a song the band recorded for a doom metal compilation. the songs "Love May Sink by Slow Decay" and "Undying Orchestral Suite" are demo versions for new band's EP "In Between Passionate Minnuendos" that im gonna post as soon as possible. Highly recommended.

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