Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter of Vehemence - Obscurus Laetita

Winter of Vehemence
Obscurus Laetita (2004)

Genre: Dark/Extreme Gothic/ Funeral Doom Metal, Medieval Darkwave
Lyrical Theme: Dark Romanticism, Sorrow, Religion, Bereavement

Track List:
01 -
Obscurus Laetita Pt.1 - 08:28
02 - Obscurus Laetita Pt.2 - 10:00
03 - Brevis In Meus Animus - 10:13
04 - Profundus In Meus Sepulchrum - 13:01

note: As i told before, this band is not funeral doom actually. The style of the band's really undefinable but it started as funeral/ambience doom project. There were also lots of download of this file, so i decided to put some other albums of this great band.

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