Sunday, January 10, 2010


I have to admit that its my honor that mr. Stijn van Cauter visited my blog, and got me the direct link of UDOTM and lots of other stuffs for free download. I'm going to delete all of these kinda projects from my blog at the end of this week, and ill put these official provided legal links instead. And from now on, im going to put a legal links, if there were any, instead of compressing and uploading the stuffs.
to Mr SVC: i want to thank you for visiting here and your mention, actually i make this blog, mostly (of course not completely, everyone from every country makes me honored by visitin my blog) for my compatriots who enjoy funeral doom, and may not be able to find lots of great stuffs, and may not know them and well, also cant buy them because of limitations my country has.
Any way, thank you all for your comments, helps and supports. Stay in touch, Stay Doomed... \m/

p.s. : to everybody who visits COA: I'm always glad to see your guidance and orientations. if there were any legal download link for any stuff i put here or i put in future, i'll appreciate ur lettin me know! tnx again.


Ruben said...

Great to hear!
SVC is very generous sharing his material online for free - though of course it's even nicer if people still buy the albums... Doom musicians can't even buy their instruments from the little money they're making, so every little support helps.

Keep up the great COA work, your site has introduced me to quite a few great bands in the past year!

Doomedsoul said...

tnx Ruben. these kinda positive energies, makes me tryin my best pal. stay doomed \m/

Doomedsoul said...

ah, i forgot to say, yeah, i know the problems of doom musicians, and totally non commercial music projects. i have all of these kinda problems myself, i prepared two albums, but i dont have any money to record them, and actually there's no studio to record funeral doom stuffs here. hope things get better pal.

GROND said...

Is very hard to buy Funeral Doom stuff here in Brazil, i understand and thank your initiative.
Great Work.

Doomedsoul said...

grond, i can understand the difficulty of buyin, in iran, there's no such a thing as credit card, or something like that, and thanks for ur great supports, stay doomed \m/

SVC said...

I hope i didn't come across like a bastard too much with my previous comments. Everyone is of course free to promote the music they like, it's how communities and scenes are formed. I'm just trying to make people realize that there are quite some bands out there that provide their music for free themselves.

The main reason why i put music online for free is because i don't like the fact that in some countries it's downright impossible to buy music. Money should not be a limitation if you want to enjoy my music. So i ofcourse support your idea of making it easier for others to enjoy this music. I know to some people the idea of 'illegal' downloads scares them, so with my music there's an 100% legal alternative. (Even though i do not support the laws that decide what is legal and what is not - but there's little i can do about that).

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...
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Doomedsoul said...

thanks a lot mr SVC for ur great support, and greater idea about the music. ill try my best for supportin this kinda music, and bands of this great genre, and great mans like u with this great sight.