Friday, January 9, 2009

The Sad Sun, Cold Aeon, The Ethereal - Infra sub Ultra (Split)

Infra sub Ultra (2008)
The Sad Sun
Genre: Twisted Funeral Doom
Track List:
01 - Seas That Swallowed the Night - 19:52
02 - Parallel Seas - 10:45

Cold Aeon
Genre: Experimental Funeral Doom
03 - Shapes - 15:42

The Ethereal

Genre: Nihilistic Funeral Doom
04 - Carving the Angel - 14:28

The download links are direct link and you can get any track you want by clicking on the name of the track. Highly recommended, and enjoy.


SVC said...

Download all other UDOM albums (legally) for free from

This list contains about 30 free downloads of extreme doom, drone and ambient.

Also check out the new Infra project which will be delivering free extreme doom downloads every month at

progsociety said...

very good post, man.. I have almost forgotten the page it is superb